Bridle Trails:

  • Rosebriar - 2 miles
    • This easy trail winds through deep woods on easy terrain.  It is marked with light blue blazes.
  • Moonlit Vista - 3.8 miles
    • The Moonlit Vista trail follows easy to moderate terrain through wooded areas and fields.  The Solidago Downs trail is accessed from Moonlit Vista.  Moonlit Vista is marked with red blazes.
  • Farmer's Trace - 5 miles
    • The southernmost bridle trail, Farmer's trace leads though fields and forest on easy to moderate terrain.
  • Solidago Downs - 20 miles
    • This trail leads through moderate to rugged terrain, featuring deep woods, steep ravines, creeks, and fields. It can be accessed from Spring Valley-Paintersville Road from the North or from the Moonlit Vista trail from the South.

Hiking Trails

  • Perimeter Loop Trail - 12 miles
    • The section of the Perimeter Trail that includes s the SR 73 bridge is closed to hikers because of bridge construction from now until November and may close again next spring until construction is complete.
    • Can be accessed at multiple points along the southern part of the lake.
  • Old Woods Trail- 0.6 miles
    • Located behind the Nature Center
  • Fifty Springs Loop Trail- 3.3 miles
    • Mountain Bike trail that loops around the Fifty Spring peninsula that you can hike on as well.
  • Wellman Trails - 2.4 miles
    • There are two loops that go around the peninsula near the Wellman Boat Ramp. There is also a trail that leads to Horseshoe Falls and a 104 ft. swinging bridge.
  • Gorge Loop Trail - 1 mile
    • Trail is located below the dam, down in the gorge. Short 1 mile trail that includes stairs.
  • Campground Trails - 4.4 miles
    • There are various trails throughout the campgrounds passing from loop to loop and providing shortcuts to various locations in the campground.  There is also a gentle one mile fitness trail at the dead end of Center Rd.  Consult the Campground Map for a more detailed look at these trails.
  • Mountain Bike Trails - 13.3 miles
    • Extremely rugged and technical Mountain Bike trail that you may also use for hiking. Runs from the campground down to Harveysburg Rd.
  • Bridle Trails - 30.8 miles
    • Look at the next section for more info on the trails. You may hike on the bridle trails.

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Caesar Creek has several miles of trails for Hiking, Mountain Biking, and Horseback Riding.

You may hike on all the trails, but Mountain Biking and Horseback Riding must stick to their designated trails.

​Green font denotes a link to a map.

Mountain Bike Trails:

The five mile trail is extremely rugged and technical and is intended for riders with a high level of experience.  Very steep grades, streams, fallen trees, and other hazards are common.  The second trail is a loop around the peninsula in the 50 Springs Picnic Area. One mile of the trail has small rolling hills while the rest of the trail is relatively flat.  Most grades are fairly shallow.  This trail is intended for novices.

Mountain Biking Regulations:

  • Riders are encouraged to wear helmets at all times
  • Mountain biking is permitted only on the two designated mountain bike trails
  • Use extreme caution and know your own abilities.  When in doubt, dismount and walk your bike.

For More Info and a good Trail Map click here for the website.