Caesar Creek State Park offers thousands of acres of lands for hunting.  Much of the State Park itself can be hunted during season, and the adjacent 1500 acre Spring Valley Wildlife Area is open to hunting as well.

Pursuant to Ohio Administrative Code, no person shall at any time take, hunt, trap, kill, pursue, or shoot at any wildlife and/or wild animals by any means within four hundred feet of any nature trail, picnic area, construction area, state trail, service area, camping area, residence, barn, service building, shelter house, beach, water or sewage treatment facility, backpack trail, latrine, parking lot, cabin, lodge, or other structure or to shoot on, from, or across any road, or driveway within any area administered by the division.

There is an area just east and north of the campgrounds reserved for deer hunting by bow only, open for hunting from November 15th to January 31st.

Please observe the following regulations:

  • No hunting within 400' of any building, roadway, parking lot, or path.
  • No permanent stands or blinds.
  • Do not damage any state property, including signs and trees.
  • Refer to current Ohio Hunting & Trapping Regulations for up to date Laws.