Channel 6 producer/director, Joe Hackman, records each episode usually in a state or county park setting.  He then edits and adds graphics, sounds, and appropriate supplemental photos and other inputs comprising a nicely presented documentary of interest for local viewers and nature enthusiasts.  But you don’t have to be “local” to see these recorded “Nature’s Corner” programs.  They are available for viewing by anyone at any time on the internet. Just scroll through the pages of program listings to find numerous previously recorded “Nature’s Corner” programs.  Programs include everything from  "Flying Squirrels"(yes, Ohio has them) and other cool animals to "Crafting with Natural Elements." Check out current and previous programs by going to Lebanon Channel Now and then choosing Nature's Corner on the left hand side of the screen under Videos on Demand

Nature's Corner on the Lebanon Channel Now

"Nature’s Corner” is a cable television program aired on Lebanon’s Channel 6.  The program is recorded monthly featuring ODNR state park naturalists and Ohio Certified Volunteer Naturalists among others.  Topics include educational and informational discussions about regional state parks, geology, natural resources, wildlife viewing opportunities, native (and invasive) plants and animals, conservation, stewardship and more.