OCVN Opportunities

Any time: Bring volunteer agreements and background checks up-to-date for 2018

Now thru July?  Old Woods Trail closed for wildlife research

Passport to Fishing program development; contact Bill S. at mergerstudy3@aol.com

April, May: New hosting hours for Nature Center

Apr. 29: Cast Iron Cooking Workshop

May 1: Sabina School Group, 4th grade, 50 students, Nature Center

May 2: 10AM Monthly OCVN meeting

May 3: Clinton-Massie school group, 2nd grade, 200 students

May 4-5: OCVN canoe launch and lunch at CCSP campground

May 7-11: Mary Haven program, watercraft and fishing

May 12, 1PM: Bluebird Box Worksho

May 22-24: STEM school group

May 25-26: Memorial Day events

Jun. 6? 13?, 10AM: Monthly OCVN meeting

Jun. 9: Ready, Set, Wear it Life Jacket event at Marina

Jun. 16: Paddlepalooza at Caesar Creek

Jun. 23: Caesar Creek Youth Fishing Derby

Jun. 29 - July 1: Independence Day campout

OCVN Training

  • Apr. 23 - 24 Paddling
  • May 16, 4PM - 9:30PM  Archery

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Submissions wanted for website

If you have photographs or would like to write short articles pertaining to the Park and the Nature Center---or both, please email admin@caesarcreekstatepark.com


  • seasonal pictures of the Nature Center and surroundings
  • pictures of the Flight Cage, trail improvements, volunteer activities
  • short biographies (with pictures) of the animals
  • pictures of the playground, preferably with people playing
  • pictures and articles about new exhibits, new activities, etc.
  • pictures of Visitor Center
  • notes from OCVN presentations, etc.

Credit will be given as "with the kind permission of [name]"